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Does your PC not turn on, regularly crashes, or regularly freezes? Something that should be working on your PC, isn't working? Countless things that can go wrong with your PC. It can be something physical (hardware) or software (such as The Windows Operating System) which is data that is stored inside the hard disk drive. Because there are so many things that can go wrong with your PC, there are just as many different types  of repair solutions for the PC.

Some repairs solutions can take hours to resolve, while other repairs may only a few moments to resolve. We're not just interested in repairing your PC. We are equally as interested in earning you trust to do the job thoroughly. 

Now; although, resolving all of the issues your PC may be experiencing, is our ultimate goal ensuring that your PC continues to function at optimal capacity.  Thus, we treat your PC just as if it were our very own. Therefore, caring for it in the exact same fashion by which we do our own PC systems in order to prevent    problems & issues from occurring. So, be rest assured, we will put the very same quality of attention into caring for your system, as well.

Our knowledge is your knowledge and we aren't going to keep these solutions a secret in hopes that you will call upon us again in order to resolve these very same problems & issues a second time. If you have an interest in knowing just how to prevent "this" or "that", you got it!

Also, if we find additional problems or issues while repairing your PC, we'll resolve those matters, as well. And we will; also, let you know what you can do to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Are you unable to install or run your anti-virus software? Are applications that used to work, not working any longer? Do strange error messages pop up or messages telling you to purchase some unknown brand of anti-virus software?

"Malicious Software" (also known as Malware) is software intentionally created by hackers to harm your system. Viruses & spyware are different forms of malware and are a real threat to your PC and its security. Some  viruses can even completely destroy your valuable documents and files. It can also even crash your system entirely. Spyware programs steal your information and can reduce the performance of your system. Adware annoys you with popups, hijacks your web browser, and redirects you to other websites while you are browsing the internet. Many forms of malware have gotten smarter and harder to remove. Sometimes one anti-virus program won't do the job or may even get disabled by the malware. So, no matter what form of malware is found to be on your system, we want it gone and to stay gone. We will rid your computer of all detectable malware and setup malware protection to defend against any future system breaches. One of the key factors in keeping your PC free from malware is keeping your malware protection up to date.

Do you not have a regularly updated anti-virus & firewall program running on your PC? Is your wireless network connection unsecure. Do you often use unsecure wireless network connections?  Ensuring & increasing a PC's performance may seem like two completely different things; but, an unsecure PC affects the PC's overall performance. If your system is infected with a virus or other malware, or if some hacker breaks into your system and uses it to attack other networks or PC's your system is severely robbed of valuable processor (CPU) & memory (RAM) resources. Overtime, this causes sytem performance to decrease on systems that aren't properly maintained. Even files become disorganized, too many programs automatically startup, and sometimes even more serious system problems are to blame.

Do you need to replace or add new hardware to your PC? Do you need to reinstall or install a new version of Microsoft Windows? As technology rapidly changes, you will most likely find yourself purchasing better hardware for your PC and newer versions of your favorite and important software? The most common problem with installing system hardware is the device drivers, the software that talks to the hardware. Even though the hardware might be physically installed correctly inside the computer, without the proper drivers the hardware won't work and will be useless. With the introduction of faster processors (CPU) installing applications, device drivers, and other software has gotten to be a lot more complicated. No longer can you just match software and hardware to the  supported operating system. You have to match the number of bits of data aprocessor (CPU) can handle at a time, also. If you're scratching your head right now, leave the worrying to us. We'll install the hardware and software that is compatible with your PC.

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